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Ruth Cornelisse
Charlotte Denamur
Emma Marion
Amandine Mohamed-Delaporte 
Nina Patin

The sand recedes

in partnership with

the National School of Fine Arts of Lyon

Capture d’écran 2018-10-08 à
November 8th > December 29th, 2018

Through the plurality of works on offer, and through the prism of the image in the broad sense, the exhibition sends us back to the incessant dialogue between the real and the imaginary and reveals the unique poetics of each artist.

Within the exhibition, photographs, drawings and paintings dialogue and oppose each other in a common desire; question the role of the image in the face of the experience of reality. The image, as a translation of reality, under its infinite possibilities.


The receding sand echoes the set of processes that affect the structure, texture and mineralogical composition of the sediments gradually transforming them into a hard and cohesive rock. It evokes a space of transition, between erasure and construction.

Like these sediments, their works become the trace of a past, present or future history under the effect, no longer of water and wind, but of the sensitivity of each artist. Faced with the volatility of our world, the five artists seek to capture the elusive and sometimes the invisible.

The works seem to move in suspension, halfway between the accumulation of materials and the desire to dig deep into their subjects. It is a question of successive layers and of going beyond as much by the gesture as by the thoughts of the artists.

Frozen in suspended time, these fragments of stories are imbued with personal, collective or imaginary referents that precede, surround or succeed them.

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Sors de l'ombre ©Amandine Mohamed-Delaporte

Charlotte-regardsudgalerie. - copie

L’autosuggestion, dessin sur papier Thaï Fibres de mûrier Kozo & Coco, aquarelle et encre de chine,

44,5 x 50 cm, 2017 © Ruth Cornelisse

Lendemain, Peinture acrylique 2017, 180 x160 cm © Charlotte Denamur


DANAE, pigments et liant acrylique sur toile de lin, 85 x 140 cm, 2018 © Emma Marion

HD-Font de mer - Tel-Aviv - Copie.jpg

Front de mer, Tel-Aviv, Photographies, 90 x 60 cm, papier Baryté, 2015 © Nina Patin

vernissage BA-8-11-18.jpg
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