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Shingaï Tanaka

Calligraphie & peinture
March 19th May 29th 2004

Zen Circle / Ichi Enso, sumi on paper within scroll 70cm x 136cm 2004 © Shingai Tanaka

The Door to satori 2004,  138cm x 35cm © Shingai Tanaka

The Transparent World/ Mu, sumi on paper within scroll 136cm x 70cm © Shingai Tanaka

Forest/Mori, sumi on paper within scroll 68cm x 138cm © Shingai Tanaka

The Shadow of Flowers/Hanakage, sumi nihonga pigment on paper within scroll, 135cm x 70cm © Shingai Tanaka


2013 | Retrospective | Guimet Museum, National Library of France, Paris.

Living between Lyon and Kyoto, Shingaï Tanaka died in 2007.

A master of calligraphy, he was Vice-President of the Kyoto Society of Calligraphers (Kyoto Shodo Renmei) which, with 600 members, is one of the main centers of this art. Born in 1942 in Tottori, a small port town on the Sea of ​​Japan, graduated from Doshiha University in Kyoto, he was a disciple of Goshin Yasui. He had taught his art to Westerners at the Sho Interbnational school, which he founded in 1984, and at the Italian-Asian Cultural Center in Milan, where he had been a guest since 1992. He was in charge of the international exhibition center in Kyoto. Biten ”. In 1994 the town hall had entrusted him with the artistic direction of the ceremonies of the 12th centenary of the imperial capital. The city of Kyoto awarded him the Art and Culture prize in 2005.


2003 Japanese Art, Museum of Art and Industry of Saint-Etienne, France
2002 Exhibition of the Association of Calligraphic Artists of Kyoto, Kyoto City Museum, Japan (participation every year for 50 years)
1999 First Biennial of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce, Genoa, Italy
1999 Four treasures of Kyoto, Printing Museum, Lyon, France (exhibition jointly chaired by the Museum and Shingaï Tanaka)
1995 Sho, the Art of Calligraphy in the Far East: tradition and creativity, Museum
Contemporary Art Villa Groce, Genoa, Italy (by invitation)
1989 Japanese Art Exhibition, National Museum of the Orient, Moscow, Russia

2005 INSA, Lyon, France
2005 Shingaï Tanaka, Lisbon, Portugal
2005 Shingaï Tanaka, Hall of Humanities, INSA, Villeurbanne, France
2004 Shingaï Tanaka, Théâtre Del Castillo, Vevey, Switzerland
2004 Shingaï Tanaka, Galerie Regard Sud, Lyon, France
2004 Shingaï Tanaka, Quint Amassis, New-York
2003 Shingaï Tanaka, Galerie Regard Sud, Lyon, France
2002 Shingaï Tanaka, Festival Hall in Fariens, France
2001 Japanese Calligraphy, Casino Grand Cercle, Aix les Bains, France
2000 Shingaï Tanaka, Japanese Calligraphy, Galerie Ipomal, Landgraaf, Netherlands
1999 First Biennial of Contemporary Art, Shingaï Tanaka, Pallazzo della Commenda, Genoa, Italy

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