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Guillaume Toumanian
March 14th > May 11th, 2019
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LUEUR 130 X 130cm HT 2018.jpg

Something comes our way, in a face to face, frontally in front of us.

Since the bodies which fall, the truncated busts of the beginnings, it is the same refusal of the model. Nothing poses for the painter who could arrange or arrange the decor. Something presents itself or arises.

Which has nothing decorative. It is this vibration of the apparition that must be transmitted. Guillaume Toumanian paints: he does it with conviction, as if, in this ancestral and almost ageless gesture, the immemorial appearance of the visible was replayed: its violence or its intrusion, its renewed miracle.

Extract "Always, the essential gesture of painting"

Dominique Rabaté - 2019

Lueur, 130 x 130 cm, 2018 © Guillaume Toumanian

SILENCE 55 X 46cm HT 2018 2019.jpg

Silence, 55 x 46cm, 2018-2019 © Guillaume Toumanian

VOL DE NUIT 180 X 260cm HT 2017.jpg

Vol de nuit, 180 x 260 cm, 2017 © Guillaume Toumanian

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Souffle, 100 x 60 cm (x3), 2018 © Guillaume Toumanian

_DSC0424 copie 2.JPG

Lueur III, 80 x 60 cm, 2018 © Guillaume Toumanian

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