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Algerian war, crossed eyes

September 21 | 23 2012 | in partnership with the cinema Comoedia / Lyon

On the Algerian side, exalts the bitter conquest of its freedom by an oppressed people: thus, the Wind of Aurès, by Mohammed Lakhdar Hamina, because it is also the first "Great" feature film of Algerian cinema. This film won the First Work Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1967 and the Screenplay Prize at the Moscow Festival the same year, thus demonstrating, from that year on, the emergence of Algerian cinema in international cinema. .

The Battle of Algiers by Gillo Pontecorvo through La Question by Laurent Heynemann explores, on the French side, the gray areas of the conflict. Produced in 1960, Le petit soldat by Jean Luc Godard, showing situations of refusal of war, was censored and did not come out in theaters until 1963. Yves Boisset signed with his film RAS (1973) an uncompromising work in which he denounced the methods of the war of pacification used during the Algerian conflict. Later, directors drew on their own history or those of the generations that preceded them to return to the places and traces of this past, such as Philippe Faucon (Trahison), Okacha Touita (Les Sacrifiés) or Malek Bensmail (La Chine is still far away).

This program will take the form of screenings-meetings with the directors, and of a round table led by historians, researchers and filmmakers who question the articulation between the time of testimony and that of the writing of history.

Abdellah Zerguine

Artistic director



Guests | Yves Boisset, Philippe Faucon, Laurent Heynemann

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