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Evans Mbugua & Celine_A

Tu m'es indispensable 

September 10th > October 24th 2020

Muse in spring, 2018, peinture à la main sur Plexiglass et impression numérique originale sur papier, 100x100cm ©Evans Mbugua 

EVANS MBUGUA creates large colorful compositions in which he evokes encounters, exchanges, identities and their paths, but also his concern to try to identify human beings as closely as possible in their many facets. his inspiration from different sources, from music to dance, packaging design and traditional African fabrics. The complexity and thoroughness of his work lies in the use of multiple techniques that combine hand painting on plexiglass with digital printing on paper. His colorful world, saturated by the presence of innumerable patterns draws its origin from a collection of 'elements that he has been storing since 2004:

“I weave them graphically, recalling the first use of fabrics traditionally worn to communicate. These patterns, composed of pictograms, are the basis of a creative project with which I try to create a universal language. "

Beyond all technical prowess, the Kenyan artist Evans Mbugua wishes to show us a dynamic and moving Africa against all customary dramatic discourse on the African continent.



CELINE_A questions the dualistic vision of our society based on the balance of power and power; on the opposition. His plastic research explores a new relationship to the world, the encounter. It binds and unties, weaves networks and makes links.
Since 2017, she has established a dialogue between nature and

culture. Nature is not external, made up of objects useful to man and therefore usable, but it constitutes our atmosphere, our environment.
It is through this relationship to the world that the artist offers the exploration of his sensations.

Moustapha-Baidi, 2020, 100x145cm ©Evans Mbugua 
Paula Nascimento, 2020, 100x145cm ©Evans Mbugua
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Mon Manege A Moi, 2020, 40x30cm ©Evans Mbugua 
Série Peinture à l'huile sur papier pergamon, 2019, 13x18cm, ©Celine_A
 efflorescence #11 2020, encre et peinture acrylique sur papier, 80x60cm©Celine_A 
efflorescence#11-80x60cm copie 2.jpg
Bosquet#1  2020, peinture acrylique sur papier, 50x0cm  ©Celine_A 
Celine_A-20 .jpg
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